Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The CURSE OF THE DOUCHEBAGS (tuppence and birds)

Hello america, I'm Dr. Thadius Midnight, PHD.  
I study rich people like lab animals.
As you all well know, something horrible has happened to a large segment of the rich and powerful population.   Several of their world banking corporations have gone under, in what will likely be known as the most hilariously overblown going broke story ever told.  Rome falling wasn't as good as this is going to be.  There are those in the world who would want something catastrophic to come from this.  And it will, but for just a few rich and powerful people.  The problem is going to be...how will they handle it?  That is exactly what I intend to find out in this weeks episode entitled: Curse of the OLD WEALTHY (ALMOST DEAD) DUCHEBAGS.  

Entombed beneath mountains of uslessly inflated currency, the mummified corpses of once powerful and godly figures of international finance wait in the afterlife....they wait for their faithful followers.  Millions of loyal bank customers are eagerly poised to enter this ghostly ruin and resurrect them with the sacred golden elixer of life.  They must have the elixer to rise from the land of the dead.  In addition to their loyal followers are the armies of warriors who know that they are useless without their masters, and that in order to make war, they must have their gods of finance and they must be fed. OK enough of that....

International banking is world wide parasitic practice that masks the accumulation of wealth by a very small number of people at the expense of a great many.   Economic growth is only a byproduct of usery and only happens because people are willing to labor for what they have.  These people who lost their livlihood are not willing to work for what they have.  They are not your friend.  They expect you to toil your whole life and they wouldn't help you if you needed it.  They don't need it and we don't need to help them.  Tell them to start over.  Tell them to go ask someone else, like CHINA.   Tell them to get a job that pays below a living wage and tough it out for three generations before one of the family goes to college.  I can't believe the gaul of these people, and of those in government who are falling over themselves trying to keep the dying part of the beast alive.  LET IT DIE.  WE WILL SURVIVE.  

I take that back...I can believe the gaul of these people.  
Most of them are third and fourth generation wealthy, so they cannot even fathom what life is like for most people.   I emplore everyday people to speak up about this issue.  Times are hard for some of us. Others are doing pretty well.  We agreed to pay the government that money so that they would use it wisely on our behalf.  THEY MIGHT MAKE AN ENORMOUS MISTAKE.
SPEAK YOUR MIND.  Those rich old douchebags are and they might get what they're asking for...what do you think the debate is about...

it's not about whether or not to give it to them...it's how to convince us that it's necessary to prevent collapse.  

but that doesn't mean we wouldn't work to avoid it.  
working to avoid does not equal the single largest governement kickback in human history.  

Lets let those companies close up shop.
Lets whether the coming POTATO famine or whatever.
Lets keep our TUPPENCE and go feed the BIRDS. 
Tell those douchebags to go fly a kite.