Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Atheist

Paranoia and suspicion come off me in waves.  I stare into the fog surrounding everything and look for clarity in all the grey between definitions and meaning.  There isn't a god.  It was all a lie.

40,000 years of lying and faking.  Television has made it easy to lie through the mouths of the most beautiful and convincing of humans.  There is no truth in god.  There isn't one.  

The simplest of explanations may be the hardest to accept.  That the natural world is hostile. 
That human nature is duplicitous.  That death is the thing that rich men fear.  
Why should I fear a lonely death?
Why should I quake at the thought of someone else's ghosts?
You can raise ten generations of humanity to believe in anything...
The reach of authority goes only as deep as individuals allow it.

With the promise of safety and comfort and even an afterlife, how far could it reach?
Into the minds of children no doubt.  Let them grow without being told about god.
And see what they become.

A god provides a reason for disparity and greed.
It gives the wicked a reason to believe they are righteous.  
It confuses the issue..which is of course the same as it has always been.

Who's genes get to populate the future of this world?  Who's ideas?
The simple explanation is usually the most frightening.  God is too simple to be believable any longer.  

I reject the spirit world.
I reject the idea of God.
I reject the promise of heaven.
I reject the threat of hell.
I cannot help a man who believes contrary to what he has witnessed.
I will not trust a liar. 

I will not fight for the rights of the wealthy and  powerful.
I will not pray.
I will not bow.

There is nothing to substantiate a belief in any god.  A system of interpreting the world that lifts responsibility from the individual and places it outside reality is just a trick of language.
A corpse is no less a corpse.
And we will all be corpses.
Just wait and see.