Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Healing through suspicion and misanthropy.

The philosophy of death:
A stark non deliberate reality exists.  Facts build upon themselves and create a structure of knowable, identifiable events.  The foundation for all knowledge is consciousness.  Consciousness is experience and memory.  Consciousness can be manipulated through manufactured experiences.  All entertainment is manufactured in order to deliver a particualr type of experience.  To what end?  Is it profit?  Is it the promotion of an ideology?  Do the people who manufacture experience expect others to respond a certain way?

100 years of Vague Objective Facts:
Population growth has continued.
Media has constantly expanded since it's inception.
Industrialization is spreading continuously.
Human beings have left the atmosphere and returned alive.
Prison Populations have increased world wide. (population growth)
First world nations have been involved in warfare for an entire century.
Literacy has increased continuously.
Laws have been written and passed continuously.

America and its constitution are the largest social experiments ever devised.
We are living participants in an experiement in which any of the rules can be changed according to those who participate.  What this does not allow for is a non participatory clause.  You do not have the right not to participate.  Neutrality is not possible in this system.  You do not have the right to exist independently from the system in which you were born.  Does this explain why self sufficiency and security are such large concerns among americans?  The law applies to everyone supposedly.  Why then is there any injustice? Why is there any confusion?  Why are we allowing ourselves to be distracted and what are we trying to remain distracted from?  

I believe that there is one constant that no one wants to discuss and that it is the source of the majority of political and religious belief.  I believe the fear of death, even just the idea of death has roots in every single thought and action of every human who has ever lived.  I think that a personality developes by interacting with the idea of death.  Once a human being realizes that he or she is going to die eventually, inevitably, their actions will reflect this knowledge.  Do you know anyone who does not believe they are going to die?  Do you know anyone who has displayed little or no interest in their own mortality?  

Could you trust a person who did not believe they were mortal?
Could you imagine living forever?
Would you want to live forever?
What strikes me as most important about living forever is the fact that it might be possible.
What else are we doing but trying to defeat death?
Why do we have hospitals and schools?
Is the whole conglomeration of human knowledge and interaction being manipulated by those with access to resources?  
It would almost seem necessary would it not?

Lets get some things out of the way:
You are not going to live forever.
Your identity has been arbitrarily placed upon you by circumstances beyond your personal level of control.
Your personal level of control has more to do with restraint from violence than anything having to do with success.  
You are expected to play by rules that you did not invent and did not agree to.
You will be punished for breaking even small rules.
You are a creation of every human action that has ever taken place.  
In this way we are connected and all seperate.
Our consciousness is similar but removed from one another.  our perspectives cannot be as one.
They can converge and become identical, but even siamese twins display different personalities.
They view the world separately even though they share a body.
Each mind carries with it, the seed for its own death, as well as the knowledge of its own existence.  Consciousness is the cosmic joke.  We cannot escape our perspective.  We live and we define our limitations, our willful cages of possibility and inevitability while there is a part of every one of us that seeks to escape.  We want so badly for there to be god.  We want the afterlife.  This does not mean that there is either.  The bullet will break bone and the brain will die.  If something happens after that...what we describe as consciousness doesn't.

If there is meaning in life, I believe it comes from the continuation of human consciousness.  I believe that whether or not there is a God is irrelevent to the individual human life.  An idea that transcends time and space and is able to manipulate reality at its fundamental levels is something that reason cannot touch.  It is just an idea.  Death is real. It happens, and no one that is alive right now, if history has taught us anything, will be alive 200 years from now.