Monday, March 23, 2009

40,000 HELLS....

Lets say that the average human lifespan is fifty years.  (much longer in some places) (much shorter in very few others) 50. 50 years is how many days? 50x365=(it took like 30 seconds to get a calculator out.) 18,250 days.  How many hours are in that many days? 438,000 hours.  EQUALS.
2,628,000 minutes equals 157,680,000 seconds. in one second, hold on let me google something... Cool graph.  But not quite what I need...
oh wait I scrolled down on that page and there it all is.  You can begin to figure it out kind of. Whatever takes place in your mind can be clocked and measured.  (It has not been decyphered yet.) Or maybe it has and they're not published yet.  Or maybe we don't understand the printout or something.  

Man it's been a while i need to look up this word... it's definition is the that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  I would say that is the definition of intelligence.  basic intelligence.  like the ability to do simple math. 

There are many with at least those abilities.  
SO .... if this is to be trusted...(
Signal propagation speed inside axon90 m/s sheathed, <0.1>

90 millionths of a second... 90 millionths means that you just multiply our total number of seconds in a 50 year lifespan which is...157,680,000...
You would take that number and do what with it?
Remember that its the amount of seconds in a 50 year lifetime of a human being.
157,680,000 seconds  equals how many millionths of a second?  BTW ( fuck scientific notation )
its more impressive when let out fully:
157,680,000,000,000,000 is it nano or microseconds? Any way... big number.
onhundred and fifty seven trillion, sixhundred and eighty billion...millionths of a second.
man if you try to figure out  the amount of individual signals that can be sent in a life time is a very large number.