Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Clown Messiah and { little boy doom }.

It's fucking hilarious!

Aha. hah hahahahahh.

Children die in the street. Ahhaahaha.

Cancer, Guns, Terrorism, Land Grabbing, MONEY. Totalitarianism. Brainwashing.
disinformation campaigning. Advertising!!!!!

You my good friend are doomed.

They'll probably release the pill/injection/treatment that stops aging and makes you invulnerable to STD's right when your primitive casket is lowered into your moist insect ridden grave. Do us all a favor. Write in your will that you'd like to be incinerated. The living are running out of room. And you can't build condos over a graveyard without moving the bodies and blah blah blah.
You were enough trouble when you were alive. Always hungry and horny and Jesus did you ever complain. All you ever did was jerk off and watch re-runs of married with children. You smoked lots of drugs and were late to work too often. You refused to reproduce and raise children because it was inconvenient for you. "I can't get a good job", you whine...

You own weapons to protect yourself but you have nothing that anyone besides a beyond desperate meth addict would want to steal. You don't have a bank account because you're sure they're corrupt. Of course they're's a fucking bank. They don't fucking do anything besides sit and take people's money. Stop it man. Your fucking killing me.

Ahah ahaaaahhaahhhhha!
I was born gay. I'm a fundamentalist zealot. I'm a celebrity superstar!
Fuck your quaint little culture from the fucking rain forest.
This is America goddammit.
Fuck your army: We have robots.

We will kill you from Vegas and fornicate in celebration at your nation's demise.
Go ahead and nuke San Diego.
We don't fucking care.
I know an 11 year old with an interest in astrophysics.
I knew a girl who lied repeatedly about being pregnant until she had a baby.
I know a guy who's killed people for money.

Who cares you stupid fuck?
Who fucking cares?

Nothing has happened that cannot be explained.
There are UFOs?
There are aliens?
There are psychotic clowns?

What are you afraid of?
Shouldn't you make something up?
That's what every one else is doing.

Well jeez. I don't know. What can I say?
I don't fear your stupid white god. I don't fear the black magic of voodoo and I don't think communism is a threat to my way of life.

I think the only messiah is that voice in your head.
I think doom is something all liars want.
They want it all to end so they can stop pretending to be so sure.
I knew a boy who was killed in a car accident.
His name was Phillip.
His parents were very sad.

Whether you fucking like it or not....from the moment Philip was born he was doomed.

And so my good and decent fellow friend, frolicking and fornicating and ending cultures and spreading the joy of shopping and vacationing in a place where you can fuck a 15 year old girl and have the locals smile at you while you prance on their beaches...fat naked and are doomed as well.

Smile at the demonic face in the sky.

It has atomic eyes.