Sunday, August 23, 2009

The mating rituals of intelligent predators

She wasn't good enough. Her legs weren't the right length. She didn't wear enough make-up. She didn't look up at me when she gave me head.

I can't imagine a better world.

I can't fathom change or complexity.

I can't deal with other people.

The truth is she was perfect and I'm the one who hates everything.
I need some time to think...but I know what the answer is.
I need some time to grow but I know what i will become.

I will become a man, just like every one expects of me.
I will think like everyone else.
I will succumb to the pressure of the modern world and before I ever mate I will always wonder if something could have been done about all the sadness and disgusted rage I had when I was young.

If you live long enough...people are forced to deal with you, because you share their air...not because they know you or love you.

when i think of my wasted youth...
when i think of what could have been...
when i think that we weren't happy any way and that we couldn't take care of ourselves... and everything just got so hard.

When i think this...i miss her the most.