Sunday, September 28, 2008

MISSLEYARD: The New Album!

South East Texas Based Metal Band, MISSLEYARD Releases their third album, BUYSuiCyanide on Friday this week.  We ran into them at HorrorThon is Austin after a midnight screening of "The Original"  Doomsday Deluxe.  They sat with us and smoked a joint and they agreed to tell THICK SKULL about their new album.  Being such big fans, Brian and Myself were pretty excited, but we managed to keep our heads.  The man himself, Voral Bindhi the Tibetan guru turned pagan rock god turned his one eye toward us and tells us.
"the new album is called BuySuiCyanide... 
I decided to interject, "What do you think the significance of..."
He interuppted me,  "BLIND Psychotic Death Metal From Beyond the Void... that's the subtitle.
There was long and uncomfortable pause in which Brian later tells me he was sure he would be eaten.  Perhaps it was the weed, combined with the bands sordid history of canibalizing groupies.  
WHen I brought this up, Vor just shook his head.  
"We don't eat people man."  He said earnestly.

The first song on the album is titled Buy me a Religion Daddy.
Whats that about?


So Are you guys excited about your upcoming european tour?


It was at this point that I realized I was talking to one of the roadies and that the rest of the band had gotten on their bus and left us out here.
I must have zoned out.  Brian was probably too stoned and didn't get any of it any way.
"Brian did you get any of that", I yelled.
He answered from somewhere behind me, Yea I got it.  
Look for this Video and More about MISSLEYARD's new Album: 
Blind Psychotic Black Death Metal From Beyond the Void

Is Stores and Online.  August  2021.