Saturday, September 27, 2008

Theres no hope...there is no vision.

God is the lie that makes minds into slaves. The universe speaks to us all. Kills us all eventually.
Personifying it doesn't change the truth. Obsessing about death and paradise is a human tradition. There are so few possibilities. Each day you will live or you will die. You will be well or grow ill. You will learn or you will forget. You will wake or you will sleep. there is no in between.
There is no hope. There is no vision for tomorrow, only billions of people acting as they have been taught. Doing as they are told.

Who is fit to be your master?
Who would have you as their slave?

What liberties would you trade for comfort?
I have no liberty. I have no control. I have what little comfort is allowed to my class. I must join their clubs and go to their schools and subscribe to their ideologies and then I can be free.
I must sign papers that commit me. Bind me.

I must do the things that are required of me so that I am percieved as whole.

For those who would save the world...

The world is in no danger.
It is we who are destined for extinction.
The earth will survive. The planets will not lose their orbits around the sun because a few billion mammals die.

The gravitational cataclysms that are black holes will not stop. Matter will still be created and destroyed.

We will no longer be here to percieve the process.
There will be no witnesses.

All of known history is our history. We have been the only ones to keep a record. So far that is irrefutable. But if this is so why do we insist on placing a kind of spiritual responsibility outside ourselves. God is the perfect scapegoat for all of our failures, and the perfect explanation for why things are the way they are.

If the world seems wrong to not blame god. Observe people's behavior and try to detect whether or not they attribute their success or failure to god.

It is human imagination that has put meaning to everything in the universe. The human mind is the only lense through which any of this can be explained or interpreted.
Science was born not of superstition, but of failure. Constant failure led to each success. A hypothesis must be concieved before it can be tested.

WHere do they come from? From god?
They come from inference and pattern recognition. They come from human intuition, the mechanism that allows us to process more information that we are conscious of...sometimes a brilliant thing happens. We explain something.

The belief in god has not allowed for any of the things that have improved human life.
A belief in god is a rejection of free will.
A belief in god is the way of the coward.
It is a good reason to kneel before another man and call him your master.