Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Us VERSUS Them *(the big illness)

Truth, Utopia, Doomsayers and Judgement---

The spirit of competition. Professional sports. The lame joke that is baseball. Is everything a Racket? Does nothing happen in this country that doesn't take money from the many and give it to the few? What is the point of being rich? What is the point of being powerful, or even famous? Is it that people listen to you? Are they more likely to listen to you? What is the American ethos? It should be, What is the American Psychopathology? What the fuck is wrong with this country and what can we do about it? I don't think the answer is more entertainment. I don't think more government will do it either. More people equals more government. More government means more taxes. More taxes means more work. More work means more industry. More industry means globalization...eventually.

There is going to be one government someday.

I can't think of any natural laws that would preclude this line of reasoning. Why would they want one government? Why wouldn't they? Who are they? Are we them or are we us? What point is there in making a distinction unless it is for the purposes of government?
Does a nation need an enemy in order to prosper? Do people need nations? All we really know is that people need each other.

What can be described as abhorrent or criminal behavior is just side effects of the big illness. The big illness is not an illness. The big illness is the truth. The truth is pedophilia and ritualistic abuse. The truth is rape, murder and war. The truth is the meekness and the snivelingsubhumanity that passes unnoticed amongst those who hadn't the fortitude to imagine that people were capable of such things. The truth and the big illness are the same thing. The truth is always worse than it seems.

Drop your veneer of kindnesses. Be straight with us. Tell us the worst of it. We can take it. We're strong.
We've been desensitized to violence through decades of grotesque glorification of evil and sickness. We are prepared to accept the possibility that there is no ultimate authority. We are prepared to kill our gods. We are ready to change.

There is no need to panic. The stoics tell us that still from 3 thousand years ago. We knew all of this before. We know what we need to be working towards.

We laugh now at the thought of utopia. But we already passed the point where we could have integrated our technologies and made the world plentiful for all. We have not done so because we could not believe it, what we have already accomplished is something fantastic.

Utopia will never be the truth. Utopia is the antithesis of truth. The definitions are different.

We must feed. We must never sleep. We must have freedom.

Or we can choose to accept the illusion of impossibility.

Impossibility is just as irrational of a word as Infinity.

No thing is impossible.
To be a thing is to already exist as a thought or a physical representation in reality.

God is not a thing. God is supposed to be everything. Every thing. Worship the uncalculated totality? I don't get religion.

Who is the man who would be my master? My teacher? Shall I be judged?

Who is the man who would judge another? What is his name?

Is it Betrayer? Is it Messiah?

There isn't a reason and there isn't a point. The people who claim to know, know so little. The people who are silent know better, but they never say. Confrontation is not tolerated any more.
Even though it has gotten us everything we have now.