Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Us versus Them

The Have and Have not Problem:
The monetary system has created pockets of poverty in every country that has accepted the system. These populations generate their own kind of social energy. It is called unrest.

The system is not static, but it does not actually change. Change is viewable and only happens over time. If the change comes to fast, as in nature, it is usually a flood, or a volcanic eruption or an earthquake that results. There are measurable, physical parameters that define equilibrium and balance. Do we need law when we know what we need to avoid things like violence? Do we need the law at all?

The law is used to protect those who have, while the system automatically creates more who are not part of the establishment. The law is written by those who are considered part of the establishment. Self interest is impossible to avoid. We act according to our self interest, or in the interests of those we consider to be important to us. It is exactly this reason why people follow those who specifically say that you should love and forgive everyone, especially those who are least likely to accept it.