Thursday, November 13, 2008


The shift happened before.  Eons ago, before language and consciousness took hold of our species.  The Dimensions cannot coexist.  30,000 years ago, the cycle completed and life on this planet was subjected to the pain and torment of an accellerated and hellish dimension.  It does not have a name.  In this universe, life forms evolve dramatically and engage in constant combat over resources.  It was early man that first experienced the shift and it forever changed what man would become.  Another 30,000 year cycle is coming to a close and there isn't person alive that is prepared for a world worse than hell.  In this universe beings of dark energy prey on consciousness and etherial parasites haunt the minds of every day people.  On october 30th 2012, the dimensions will pass through one another and humanity will see what has plagued them for the first time in recorded history.