Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fear and specific unknowns (death and the void of space)

The use of fear as a tool of social control is as old as civilization.  It is the means by which all we consider to be great or powerful has ever been built.  We fear what we cannot control.  We fear death and the unknown beyond.  We fear cataclysm and collapse.  There is no saving us from this fear.  Nothing can assuage it.  We have to face it.  We have to fight our tendencies toward weakness.  We have to look at death and the void of space as a challenge.  Our future is uncertain as long as we fear these things.  As long as we envision others doing our work, we will all be slaves. 
As long as we deny our loneliness, we will be alone.  As long as we are uncertain, as long as we fear, we will be lonely and lowly slaves to our desires, the sins that the church always tells you about.  The truth is that there is no sin in love and plenty.  The moral teachings of all religions are meant to moderate behavior.  Conscious willing participation is required for these teachings to take root and for any behavior modification to take place.  It is easier just to raise children to believe the way you want them to believe.  When you raise a child to believe in something all knowing and all powerful, you handicap their minds.  A religious authority of any kind is destructive towards the goal of peace.  Humanity will believe as individuals.  And they will believe the truth, once they see it.